Self Esteem

I am having a lovely holiday at Noosa, with my family. Utterly fabulous. Nothing to do, except relax; nowhere to go, except the pool or the beach.

The record-breaking high temperatures mean that we are spending the middle of the day just schlepping about the airconditioned unit. You will agree that I am spending this time gainfully, by reading, sleeping, and chatting. The occasional cold beer might also be consumed.

Today, I’ve leisurely panted my toenails, waiting for the post-3 o’clock swim. OPI’s “Pinking of you” if you must know. I asked a daughter, who was reading next to me, if she wanted her toenails painted too. She replied, ” No thanks Mum. I like my toenails just like they are.

I looked at the tiny pink pearls at the end of her foot. And yes, she’s right. They’re perfect. How great to know so early in life.